Today is tomorrow’s good old days

Today is tomorrow’s good old days

[ Millennials ; how to get over modern causes for sadness and depression? (3/5) ]

I guess things begin to shift in one’s mind the day one stops believing everything was necessarily better before.
Take a break. Enjoy every minute – without necessarily trying to make something out of it. Take a moment to contemplate what the nearest window offers you to see. What faces you every day, but that you fail to systematically notice anymore. Look at what will one day make you miss this place, this episode of your life.
Today is tomorrow’s good old days.

‘Smile to those who have more yesterdays than tomorrows. Try not to leave too much room for melancholy for today you miss yesterday, but tomorrow you will miss today.’

Remember when you thought life was over at the first heartbreaks of adolescence? Back when love was the bare shoulder of a stranger.
Realize that happiness is the one that wakes by your side every morning. The one with which a look is enough to understand each other.
Finding someone who loves you for what you really are, at you best, at your worst, is true love. Not this constant search for adventure.
There are people who mark our lives, and nothing is ever the same again. History gets written by turning pages.

Quit dwelling on the past. Enjoy now, for that’s all there is.
And if the temptation to catch up with someone from your past ever grows too strong, do yourself a favor and buy a ticket. After all, you never know what you are going to get. Inner peace? Maybe. There is nothing wrong with giving oneself a chance to catch up with one’s best memories. You will either get lucky or – worst case scenario – you shall get closure. Which is priceless if you intend to move on and get things done in your life.
But sometimes, pride gets in the way. What if the person doesn’t want to see me again? What if they changed so much we don’t have anything to tell each other? Only way to find out is to man up and take action. Realize that pride of yours is not going to take you anywhere.

Sunset over Sevilla, Spain

Understand that when we miss someone from our past, it is actually the age we were back then that we are missing, the given period of our life – not the person in particular. The person has much certainly dramatically evolved since then – for better, but also for worse. Learn that not everything is meant to be revived in life.
Did you ever run into that guy or that girl in the supermarket that used to be the high school superstar, and were shocked and disappointed to realize that person turned into a loser? Wouldn’t you have rather preferred keeping the memory intact in your mind – not knowing what they grew up to be?

Realize there are people you grew apart from for a reason. For at a given moment in time, you made the decision to part ways.
‘Old-time relationships are like glass. Sometimes it is better to leave them broken than hurt yourself trying to put it back together.’ Plus, you rarely find every piece and the glass never looks the same again.
One must accept that certain things are better off as memories.

Besides, isn’t it foolish and selfish to put pressure on a person’s shoulders to try and have them compete with a memory of yours?
Either accept to start something new with them, or, if you can’t, keep it as a good memory and move on. But don’t expect them not to have changed since the last time you met for you will hurt yourself more than you think.
In any case, don’t ever put anybody on a pedestal. Or else old-time legends may fall, and frankly, you don’t want that. Unless moving on is precisely what you are trying to achieve?

It is not good to attach oneself to one’s old dreams for it prevents one from growing up.


‘One last gaze to understand that it is too late. One last smile to understand that you must let her go. One last hug to realize that it is maybe the end. A final goodbye, but still this will to believe in it. For a moment, nothing moves. No emotions. No tears. No sensations. Apart from that great void she has left into your heart. Regrets, yes. What if the word happiness was flying away along with her? For one last time you would like to hear her laughter that made you run so much. You would like to feel her close to you one last time, before to kiss goodbye. There will always be a song, a place, a thing that will remind you how much you loved her, and yet, moving on is the only thing you need. You will find her back, I promise. The only thing to do is to forget the pain that being away from her causes and persuade yourself that life does not stop at this ordeal. It’ll rip your heart into pieces but live, live yourself to death. Enjoy every second. Think of you. I cannot promise you that your tears will cease to flow, but I promise you that your story is not over. There are people that mark our lives, even if it only lasts a moment. And we are no longer the same. Time does not matter, but some moments are forever.’ / Roys Peak Track, New Zealand.


N.B. This post of part of a five-post series called ‘Millennials; how to get over modern causes for sadness and depression?’
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