After having been powered by traveling for 6 back to back years, after having set foot on 5 continents, after having learned a couple languages along the way and met some of the finest souls in the most random corners of the world, my travel path surprisingly turned out to be leading right back where I was originally from. Currently based in Grenoble – in the heart of the French Alps.

Seems like it’s true what they say – that when you travel, you not only get a new perspective on the world, but you also get a new perspective on home.

I write about my personal expertise; what I call the global citizen philosophy, life on the road, and the ‘uncharted’ homecoming that comes next.
Some qualify it as liberating and comforting words to all nomadic hearts, source of inspiration to explorers-to-be.
This is still motivational literature, but the difference with my former website is the length of the posts that I dramatically shortened.

Because we all have our mountains to climb, I’m often asked ‘how do one get over the dreaded homecoming?’ I would say that, in my case, the smartest move has been to replace my perpetual need for elsewhere with the love of the mountains. To find adventure again in trekking.
In order to find peace, some go to the church. Some to the mountains.

Happy travels,

‘I had a score to settle with time. I had found in hiking a way to slow it down. The alchemy of the journey thickened the seconds. Those spent on the road were running slower than the others. The frenzy took hold of me, I needed new horizons. I used to find airports exciting, as places where everything invites to the escape and departure. My journeys used to begin as a runaway, and ended up in pursuit against the hours. All I had to do was to ask of immobility what travel no longer brought me; peace.’ – Sylvain Tesson / Death Valley, USA